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The Parc Hotel

The Parc Hotel Safety Procedures

Parc Hotel has always maintained high levels of cleanliness and hygiene. To further enhance health and safety protocols, we commit the following 9 cleanliness highlights:

We continue to monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other federal, state, and local health departments for real-time information regarding the coronavirus and are following their recommended guidelines.

1. Higher standards of cleanliness and hygiene
To obtain local authority hygiene accreditations
(e.g. SG Clean Quality Mark Certification) where relevant. 

2. Appropriate checks on arrival for guests and employees
For example, temperature check for all guests and/or collection of guest health declaration forms in certain jurisdictions.

3. Disinfection kits easily available to guests and employees
Sanitizers and anti-bacterial wipes
available at guest contact areas
(e.g. lobby, restaurants, meeting rooms)

4. Frequent and regular sanitization of high-contact points
High-contact points will be sanitized
on a regular basis depending
on frequency of use
(e.g. elevator buttons, door handles, etc.)

5. Ensure higher cleanliness and hygiene standards during guest stay
Mandatory use of disinfectants for
sanitization of contact points
(e.g. bedding, room furniture, TV remote)

6. Enforce safe distancing measures as precaution
Recommended minimum of one-meter distance for interactions between guests and/or employees.

7.Higher food safety standards
Enhanced food safety protocols, deep cleaning and meals served individually.

8. Appropriate health and safety gear
Regular use of Personal Protective Equipment, when appropriate, to ensure the health and safety of guests and employees.

9. Hygiene Ambassadors to ensure measures are implemented
A Hygiene Ambassador in each hotel will ensure that our employees are trained with the latest processes and procedures to enhance guest safety and comfort.  

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